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Notable Discoveries

04/28/08 - I Discover how to get asian girls, You don't.  The Girls get YOU.
02/18/02 - I discover it hurts the first couple of times
12/01/01 - Ethan Discovered that if you take cranberries and stew them like applesauce they taste much more like prunes than rhubarb does.
11/30/01 - I discover that Koreans Cannot properly say "World"
11/29/01 - I Discover the amount of time you get to work on a project is inversly proportional to the amount of time you actually spent on a project.

11/29/01 - I Discover Vending machines Eat money, only when you're really thirsty
09/02/01 - I Discover weekends are boring when you have nothing to do
06/17/01 - I Discover chalk dust all over my back pack
05/15/01 - I Discover the only reason guys pay for sex is because girls charge for it
04/02/01 - I Discover that Irrelevance is contagious
03/19/01 - I Discover that if you stare at the sun long enough you see blue spots for the rest of the day
03/15/01 - I Discover that Avocado do explode when you throw tham against berts head
03/15/01 - Ethan Chen Discovered that gushers don't explode when you throw them against the wall
03/14/01 - Tim Kieras Discovered that Bread from a machine is extermely dangerous when confined and cornered in a small space
02/23/01 - I Discover that being awake, is a key part of passing a test
02/16/01 - I Discover that girls never check if the seat is down, they just assume some other girl went before them, or the guy before them had to go #2
02/12/01 - I Discover that "Kick them in the nuts" is NOT a tae-kawn-do move (sorry ben!)
01/26/01 - I Discover that listining to KoRn all day isn't good for your self-esteem
01/21/01 - Ben Collins Discovered that Puke tastes like pizza and orange juice
01/21/01 - I Discover Super glue doesn't have a real taste to it, it's just kinda sticky
01/18/01 - I Discover Bannanas can liquify
01/17/01 - I Discover that it is humanly possible to swallow a whole plate of fries at once
01/15/01 - I Discover that Sprite makes you pee more than Pepsi.
01/15/01 - I Discover that Diluted pepsi tastes like carbonated carrot juice.

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