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Zero Tolerence

I walk down an hallway of equality. Everybody wearing the same uniform with the same kind of bag with the same kind of shoes and the same kind of thoughts about non violent behavior and having a happy day. We were all told to wear masks because someone felt degraded for not having such a nice face, which could have lead to them growing up and becoming the next Hitler. We walk, at an pre determined pace, so nobody can ever push somebody and ignite anger between us. We stop by our lockers in a separate line from the walkers so we cant be late for class. And we get to class. We are greeted all the same by the teacher. No matter what we reply, the teacher cannot give extra attention to a student because then the others might feel left out and unimportant, and go on a killing spree. We are assigned random seats everyday so there would be no posses or cliches or clans or friends to feel more about that for others. The teacher speaks in an monotones voice about a subject that the government deems important for us to know to have "common knowledge." so we can go off onto college and pursue our dreams of becoming a teacher, or a doctor or an engineer or a scientist or a lawyer, so we can serve as a function to further better ourselves. We are not allowed to utter a word in class, for it disrupts the learning of others. Every now and then the teacher passes a box around so if we had any comments, or questions or concerns or frustrations, we can submit it anonymously to the class, without having to fear the eye from other students. We are assigned randomly generated numbers, so none of us can be discriminated for having an unusual name or the teacher doesnt have to worry about pronouncing it wrong and having the student feel bad. In creative writing class, we are assigned to write a paper about a dream we had. But were not permitted to share thoughts about violence, weapons, rape, harassment, discrimination, political issues. We are told to write about the weather, or nature, or about becoming a teacher, or a doctor or an engineer or a scientist or a lawyer, so we can serve as a function to further better ourselves.

One day I decided to sit next to a friend of mine in class and chat with her about her musical interests. She looked away ignoring me fearing the consequences of being out of order, for disrupting the class, for generating a independent thought on a subject that promotes feelings to be expressed, for being associated with a flaw in the system. The whole class is staring at me, the teacher not noticing that I even exists, has me marked absent for not being in my proper seat, and give the "unidentified" student that is out of order a slip telling me to go to the administrators office, all typed out so I would be able to read the hand writing, with a map so I dont get lost and wouldnt have to talk to anyone on the way, and a pass for having a reason to be in the halls during class hours.

As I walked the empty halls I walked slower than usual, I skipped a step on the stairs, I didnt walk in a straight line. The hall monitor asked me why was I in the halls during class hours, and I showed them my pass to go to the administrators office and they tell me to walk at the pre determined pace so I dont get there late. When I turn the corner theres another monitor and they ask me the same thing, the same way, the same tone, the same place as the other one. So I say "I just showed the other hall monitor my stuff" and walk along, and the hall monitor stands there watching me uneasily worrying if they stopped me because I could be lying they might get fired for not believing what I said, and that could lead me into not trusting anyone in my life ever again, and I could become hostile in the future. So I keep walking at my slower pace and got there 30 seconds later than the scheduled time.

There I was questioned If I was emotionally stressed, If there was domestic violence going on in my house, if there was a reason for talking to a girl, if I didnt understand the rules clearly, if I had trouble with my school work, If I needed special counseling, If I needed to be put into a special class for people like me, If I had any weapons in my locker, If I had any drugs at home, if I "hung out" with delinquents. I answer, "I just wanted to talk to her because she looked pretty".

And I was expelled from the school for sexual harassment on school property and for discriminating against other people that look not as pretty, for disrupting the class, for having an un excused absence, and lowering the schools prestige.