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A night so quiet
My ears ache
It's so silent
I'm awake

But if your words
Break the peace
I will listen
to your voice

Weather it brings
Something dreadful

I will respond
With a laugh
And Pretend
That I'm Amused

You don't know of
All the pain
That I hold back
For your sake

I run from
The temptation
Of other
sources of bliss

I hide my frowns
When you're around
I need you
To smile with me

Anything for you
I'd even
Shoot down the moon
With my heart

I would not
Survive without
The sound of
Your voice in me

I could not
hate you even
If you killed
Me from behind

I'm waiting
In the silence
Of the night
I stand alone

Dieing for you
So look my way
Just whisper
And let me rest


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