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Welcome to My little poetry corner, here I'll be posting my poems that I write on my spare time. Yes I know what you're thinking, "GET A LIFE" but hey, this is my life so 'uh' to you! Oh well, enjoy your stay critique is awalys welcome.


These Poems are all mine "Yusuke Poetry 2001~2002" unless noted otherwise :p. If you want to use them in some kinda way it's ok as long as you distribute them as a whole along with the disclaimer, and you give me credit and mention this site (I need more site traffic!).

As The author of these poems I am not responsible for how ever you choose to interpret them. I am not responsible for Your actions after reading them. These were not neccessarily the feeling of the author, or anyone else for that matter. The author has already been evaluated by 2 psychiatrists and was pronounced 'ok' twice. If you do read these poems you do so at your own risk, so bleh to you people that like to get me in trouble.

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