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I watch as you sway to
Melodic wind tunes
Mixed scents of perfume
Overturning taboo
How empty can you make me
With your guilty strip tease
Seducing me to wonder bloody,
Blindly through intense heat
Why can't our lips meet
And our feelings match
It's just another hash
Of dispatching like a piece of trash

It's one of those feelings I get
When I have another blood rush
When It tastes like fresh cut meat
And it smells like fresh bled blood

I Listen as you walk by
Harmonic overtones
Mixed sounds of brute force
Swirling through the unknown
How empty can you make me
With your blameworthy radiance
Blooming gradiant
Everyday a variance
Why did it have to end
I really wanted this
It's just another false experience
Of something not so passionate

I feel like I'm falling apart
With no reason to look up

Cheating death, a short cut


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