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What's the difference!?


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What's the difference between japanese and chinese people?

I Have a Japanese friend that always boasts about how Japanese people are better than Chinese, He says "They just are" But maybe there's a deeper meaning to his statement? Let me ponder the idea

Well first there's population, there's about 1 Japanese person to like 5000 Chinese people, thus making us rarer. Gold is better than iron for the same reason. 1 point for the japs!

Japanese are just like advanced Chinese people. We were once living with the Chinese, but then we moved west toward Japan for more food. We chased the Animals that ran across the frozen sea, and here we are. We advanced while Chinese people stayed put on their lazy butts. So we bez the better people. Survival of the fittest, So I guess that's a tie.

The military. While we posses the intimate knowledge of computers and electronics, china has a hoard of nukes at their disposal. We aren't even allowed to import them or make them. We'll just have to come up with a deadlier weapon to get around the no nuke laws. 1 point for the Chinese.

My favorite word "AIYA" is Chinese damn it. 1 point for the Chinese

Food. Japanese sushi, need I say more? I mean is that the best stuff in the world or what. Chinese food is good, but not good enough. Chinese food is meant to feed endless numbers of hungry people, they can't spend time on perfecting the taste. 1 point for the japs.

Girls. Japanese girls are BLEH! On the other hand, Chinese girls are mostly gorgeous. Note the mostly. But that's enough to beat the japs. + 1 for the Chinese.

I'm Japanese. Plus 2 for the jap.

Video games. Japanese are # 1 in the world. Final Fantasy, Resident Evil, etc. etc. . Chinese don't even make video games. Go Japan! +1

Miscellaneous. Well everything else is made in china. Good for them. Plus 1 for Chinese

In Conclusion Japan 6 and China 5. We win by a land slide!! This proves that Japs are better than chinese. Yay. In your face chinese people!! Mwahahahahaha..